Gaming Prices

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BrandDescriptionRegular Price
SonyPlaystation 5 (Disc) Horizon bundle$850
Sony Playstation 5 (Disc) $800
SonyPlaystation 5 (Digital) God of War bundle$750
SonyPlaystation 5 (Digital) Horizon bundle$750
SonyPlaystation 5 (Digital) $725
MicrosoftXBOX series X 1TB ssd$649
MicrosoftXBOX series S 512 ssd$549
NintendoSwitch Splatoon 3 Special edition OLED$489
NintendoSwitch OLED$475
NintendoSwitch -Animal Crossing$399
NintendoSwitch regular$375
NintendoSwitch Lite 32GB$275
SonyPlaystation 5 controller$85
SonyPlaystation 4 controller$75
MicrosoftXbox one controller$85
Nintendo Wired Controller$50
Nintendo Wireless controller$65
Nintendo Joy-Con $100
SonyPlaystation HD Camera for PS5$100
SonyDual Charging Dock ps5$75
NexigoPs5 Charging Dock$50
NexigoPs5 MultiFunctional Cooling Stand$65
RazerKishi Gaming Controller (android)$135
RazerKishi Gaming Controller (Apple)$150
BackboneGaming Controller Playstation Edition (Apple)$175
Meta QuestMeta Quest 2 128Gb $485
SamsungCF390 Curved Monitor 24″ $250
Spectre25″ Gaming Monitor edgeless$275